Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management

December 1, 2022

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) drives your business. Once you schedule a consumer, there are necessary steps involved to ensure you receive final payment for services provided. However, like most providers, you are experiencing a financial strain due to any or all the following: Recruiting, training, and maintaining staff to help support the work involved with […]

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Fellowship House Partners with ZMark Health

November 17, 2022
Press Room

Fellowship House in Miami, FL has signed an agreement with ZMark Health for credentialing services and performing an assessment of their revenue cycle operations. Our knowledgeable team members will handle the practitioner enrollment from start to finish, preventing unnecessary delays in billing. Additionally, the ZMark Health team will measure how well the Fellowship House maximizes […]

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Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Partners with ZMark Health

August 18, 2022
Press Room

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health recently signed an agreement with ZMark Health for consultative services to optimize insurance reimbursement.  With the goal of maximizing commercial insurance revenue, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health and ZMark Health will work together to drive efficiencies and analytics throughout the revenue cycle. “We are thrilled to partner with ZMark to ensure we […]

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Managing Consumer Out-of-Pocket Costs

June 15, 2022

As a Human Services provider, it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage consumer payment responsibilities from commercial insurances. Provisions under the Affordable Care Act are increasing the amount of money consumers must pay, and as a result commercial insurances are placing more financial responsibility on their members: your clients. It is essential to develop policies […]

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