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At ZMark Health, we create a plan to fit the needs of your business in order to create an approach to revenue cycle management with definitive results. Comprehensive Expertise When you work with ZMark, you gain access to an experienced, knowledgeable team that understands all aspects of RCM. We will find the right solutions to eliminate billing problems and increase cash flow quickly.

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We are committed to improving processes in your RCM and will dig deep to find the real problems within your current billing, claims and accounts receivable systems. ZMark Health creates lasting solutions for improving your bottom line and will continue to yield results as your business grows and changes.

ZMark Health Revenue Cycle Management

We take a different approach to managing your revenue cycle. Our experienced team understands the ever-changing rules of the healthcare industry and will develop a rigorous, but easy to implement, plan for success. To maximize your collections, we ensure a comprehensive approach that includes practice management, training and claims management. Gaps or mistakes in your healthcare RCM process causes a disruption to the workflow, payment delays, patient frustration and a backlog of denied claims. For example, working without a standardized process for claims submissions will ultimately yield irregular payments and uneven revenue streams. Creating a system of daily billing, claims submissions, and payment follow up will guarantee you consistent payments from insurance companies.


    ✔ Eligibility & Verification Thorough eligibility checks and benefits verification prior to a patient’s visit with your provider. ✔ Prior Authorization Submission of all necessary paperwork or medical records in order to receive insurance approval. ✔ Charge Entry and Billing Timely and accurate charge entry to ensure regular billing and reductions in errors through clearinghouse submissions. ✔ Accounts Receivable Follow Up Regular communication with payers via web, phone, or email. ✔ Patient Billing Scheduling patient statements, answering patient insurance questions, and establishing self-payment options. ✔ Payment Posting Consistent posting of insurance and patient payments for up-to-date accounts and accurate financial reporting. ✔ Claims Follow Up Submission of appeals, medical records and escalation requests for complex insurance denials.

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Partner with ZMark Health and our experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable team will find solutions to meet the needs of your practice. Whether you are falling behind on claims management or juggling the complexities of provider credentialing — we can help.

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