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In today’s ever changing funding environment, providers are dealing with a myriad of operational challenges. Our team of experts will evaluate your reimbursement practices and provide a comprehensive assessment with findings and recommendations.

Electronic Record Strategy

Selecting an electronic health/medical record is just the beginning of an implementation journey lasting the life of the application. Selecting and implementing an EHR system can be a difficult and time-consuming administrative task. You need to meet the organizational needs of your practice without disrupting the workflow or causing more frustration for your employees. ZMark Health’s experienced consultants will help you choose a vendor that will improve your business operations. We will work with you from selection to setup to implementation to make sure you get the most from your EHR.

ZMark Health will help your organization in:

  • Vendor Selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Implementation
  • “Care & Feeding” of the system
  • Analytics
  • Problem Solving

Revenue Integrity

Is your organization aligned on billable revenue, contractual allowance and general ledger revenue? We can assist to ensure all your revenue is being captured and booked properly.
  • Revenue integrity program development
  • Testing to prevent revenue loss
  • Risk reduction

Data Strategy

It is nearly impossible to manage what you cannot effectively measure. Let us help your team develop and implement an efficient strategy to capture financial and clinical success.

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Partner with ZMark Health and our experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable team will find solutions to meet the needs of your practice. Whether you are falling behind on claims management or juggling the complexities of provider credentialing — we can help.

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