Fellowship House Partners with ZMark Health

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Fellowship House Partners with ZMark Health

Fellowship House in Miami, FL has signed an agreement with ZMark Health for credentialing services and performing an assessment of their revenue cycle operations. Our knowledgeable team members will handle the practitioner enrollment from start to finish, preventing unnecessary delays in billing. Additionally, the ZMark Health team will measure how well the Fellowship House maximizes the amount of consumer revenue billed and how quickly the revenue is collected.

Fellowship House looks forward to working with ZMark Health to enhance and streamline credentialing and revenue cycle operations. Their expertise navigating the constantly changing payer landscape will help to keep time and resources focused on the agency’s mission.

About Fellowship House: As a result of deinstitutionalization, Fellowship House was founded in 1973 through a Community Support Program grant awarded to the Mental Health Association of Dade County. Patterned after the clubhouse model, it soon became independently incorporated and was designated as a demonstration project for the State of Florida by the National Institute of Mental Health. In the more than 48 years since its inception, Fellowship House has expanded to include vocational, social, employment, case management, outpatient services, residential programs and specialized intensive teams; serving approximately 1000 members (recipients of service) annually.
Fellowship House is widely recognized as a model for psychosocial rehabilitation. Fellowship House has a strong commitment to the provision of high-quality, culturally competent, patient-centered care.

About ZMark Health: ZMark Health provides innovative reimbursement solutions to support the unique needs of the clients we serve by striving to create a data-focused, collaborative and responsive environment that promotes the highest standards of integrity and quality. For more information, please reach out to Ashlee Seaman, Director of Marketing at ZMark Health: ashlee@zmarkhealth.com.

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