Practitioner Enrollment

Proper practitioner enrollment is the foundation of a successful practice! Although time consuming (the process can take 3-6 months), this necessary action clears the way for claim submissions to both commercial and government payers. Incomplete enrollment applications result in unnecessary denials, frustrated patients, and delayed Income. Simply missing a single document or signature can extend the timeline on this essential function of the revenue cycle.

At ZMark Health, we know your business depends on timely claim submission in order to maintain consistent cash flow. Our team of knowledgeable staff members will handle practitioner enrollment from start to finish, preventing unnecessary delays in billing. We will assess your current operations in order to establish consistent business practices and standards for the application process.

ZMark Health Practitioner Enrollment

  • Gathers required documentation for government and commercial payer credentialing applications
  • Submits applications to payers, saving your staff and providers’ valuable time
  • Communicates directly with payers to monitor all submissions for potential follow up
  • Provides you with clear and consistent updates on application status and approvals
  • Ensures consistent provider enrollment by establishing timelines for future re-credentialing periods with all payers
  • Communicates with ZMark billing team on enrollment related denials and contacts payers for timely resolution

Avoid Revenue Delays

Incomplete credentialing or missed re-enrollment deadlines means your providers' claims will be denied, resulting in missed revenue and thousands of dollars in delayed payments. The good news Is ZMark Health has a solution to fit the needs of your business. Whether we advise you on process upgrades or our team manages the application submissions, we will close any gaps causing disruption to your cash flow. Start your revenue cycle off on the right foot with accurate provider credentialing and enrollment.

Learn how ZMark Health can help your business

Partner with ZMark Health and our experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable team will find solutions to meet the needs of your practice. Whether you are falling behind on claims management or juggling the complexities of provider credentialing — we can help.

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