Practitioner Enrollment

Proper practitioner enrollment is the foundation of a successful practice! Although time consuming (the process can take 3-6 months), this necessary action clears the way for claim submissions to both commercial and government payers. Incomplete enrollment applications result in unnecessary denials, frustrated patients, and delayed Income. Simply missing a single document or signature can extend the timeline on this essential function of the revenue cycle.

Advisory Services

The basic role of Revenue Cycle Management is to measure how well an organization maximizes the amount of consumer revenue billed and how quickly the revenue is collected. While Revenue Cycle Management primarily focuses on processing claims and payment/revenue generation, it also includes consumer access and services as care management directly impacts reimbursement.

Our assessment tool identifies the client’s current status and the opportunities to improve productivity, consumer/patient satisfaction, claims/cash management, and accounts receivable. As part of our assessment, we use a process that asks a series of questions around best practices in managing each area of the revenue cycle.

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